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Project overview

The product in focus is a mobile app that empowers visitors request access to an industrial plant, receive essential information ****regarding their application status, and check in quickly.



Poor visitor experience

Visitors were unaware of their application status, which led to confusion and long waiting lines.


Security risks

Long visitor wait times, led to potential security threats, affecting their overall visitor experience.


Operational inefficiency

Security team was spending a lot of time managing visitors' check-ins manually.

Key stats


My primary goal was to improve visitor experience and security operational efficiency by creating a visitor mobile app. The app needed to be intuitive, efficient, and capable of enhancing the visitor experience while also addressing security concerns.

The project name, logo and industry have been changed for privacy reasons.

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01 Research

Desk research

The project was handed over to me after another designer. Soon it became evident that although the ideation phase had begun, there was insufficient research conducted. Stakeholders were anticipating quick mockup deliveries, which posed challenges in terms of aligning design decisions with user needs.

A flow that I received as an artefact

A flow that I received as an artefact

Luckily, we decided to step back and prioritize understanding the problem and defining project scope.

Understanding business goals

To gain insights, I engaged in discussions with stakeholders to comprehend their requirements and constraints.