Project overview

Imagine an industrial facility buzzing with activity, employees hustling to meet deadlines, and visitors, vendors, and business partners coming in and out. But amidst the hustle and bustle, how can you ensure that the workplace remains secure and protected from potential threats?

We live in a world where security always ranks at the top of priority lists in almost every sector. Industrial facilities constantly attract a large number of visitors. While all communication related to visitor invitations are still conducted through email and phone calls. As the number of security breaches and potential threats continues to increase day by day, we need to take immediate actions.


Safety first


User-friendly design


Communication issues

From the protection of valuable assets and safeguarding sensitive information to ****ensuring the safety of both employees and visitors.

As not all users are tech-savvy and have varying levels of technical expertise, the system should empower them to perform their tasks effectively.

To make sure my team and I were on the same page, I helped to build alignment and encouraged a more collaborative and efficient way of working together.


My main goal was to develop an MVP for security personnel in the form of an access control system. ****Similar to an ERP system, this solution allows hosts to create and manage visitor invitations, and monitor who, when, and for what purpose visits the plant. The system had to be easy-to-use while maintaining a high level of security and operational efficiency.

Key stats

The project name and logo have been changed for privacy reasons.

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01 Research

Desk research

I initiated the research phase by collecting existing project artefacts, including a flow diagram, which is presented below.

However, recognizing the limitations of fast delivery, I consulted with the project manager to reassess the approach. Luckily, we decided to step back and prioritize understanding the problem and defining project scope.