Project overview

TGkit is an analytical service designed for Telegram influencers, helping them understand their audience and content preferences. It is a pet project developing with a couple of friends.


As a Telegram channel owner, I noticed several issues while tracking data:

  1. It is difficult to understand the channel advertising efficiency, especially if you want to know who subscribed, from which source, and how long they stayed in the channel.
  2. To understand which content resonates the most every time I had to scroll through the wall and manually calculate impressions. To see what was shared I need to go to Telegram statistics, which shows only the last 10 posts.

Key stats


Conduct market and user research on Telegram and assess potential demand

Develop and launch a minimum viable product (MVP) within two weeks

Attract the first 10 users to the service and gather feedback

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Discovery & Definition

As a Telegram influencer, I started by documenting the challenges I faced while working on the channel and identifying areas for improvement. Viewing the situation from a designer's perspective, I struggled to understand how some analytical projects could even exist.


Some services were challenging to navigate, while others were quite expensive


Many telegram bots either didn't work at all or performed poorly